“We came to Bangalore a month and a half ago, from Mathura for an internship with Wipro. We know each other from when the two of us started pursuing B.Tech in Mathura. When we arrived in Bangalore, I was speaking to my brother about how I wanted to restart my blogs. He kept telling me that I start a lot of things, but don’t complete anything. Even if it’s small at first keep doing it. That evening I had a conversation with Archana for an hour and a half and we decided that we wanted to start something. We realized that plain simple blogs are becoming a little outdated so we decided to start a platform on Instagram and Facebook.

That night I barely slept and I am sure she didn’t sleep for two nights. We decided to start Pyaaz ke Pakode, where people could share their ordinary stories to inspire ordinary people to do a little more than ordinary things. 

“On rainy nights where all the attention mostly goes to the chai and the rain, we want to shift focus to the pyaaz ke pakode. We understand that there is so much to learn from each other and get connected with each other. “

Our first story went live 2 hours after we decided to write a story, and we were sure that this was something we wanted to do. Our biggest joy was when we reached out to a miniature pencil artist, who had set a world record but had not got enough appreciation for his work. He was completely dejected and on the verge of giving up this pursuit.

“The joy, that someone else out there recognized and was inspired by his work, gave him the motivation to continue what he was doing. We want more of this to happen.

There is no point in keeping stories to ourselves. So let the stories flow!”