“I was a corporate guy for 22 years: Always within a conference room, or within an AC room, or a car, or in some building or the other.  But when you motorcycle on the highway, it’s less about the speed, more about not having or being within the confines of a frame. It’s about FREEDOM. “

It’s hits you in your 40’s, and thankfully by then, you can afford all this. For a lot of people, their sense of worth is related to their designations, and there is nothing wrong with that -You have earned your position the hard way; but after a point, when you start getting older, you start taking yourself less seriously. Whether you are a DGM, AGM, what difference does it make? As long as you are productive and happy!

Biking is part of that for me. It gives me happiness. 

We all ride superbikes, but after a certain age only, you become mature about power.

“Paradoxically on the highway, I feel in control. Even at illegal speeds, I feel in control. “

Whereas in normal roads kids nowadays with their KTMs will look at my bike and want to race. I just let them pass by. I have nothing to prove to them.

“My wife teases me, by saying I bought my bike to impress girls, but I bought it for me. In fact I feel like Chriss Pratt from the late Jurasic Park movie, since we both share the same bike!”