Imagine all the People
Sharing all the World
You may say I’m a Dreamer
But I am not the only One…

Lennon was right. He isn’t the only one. Because we’ve followed suit. Simply put, Dialogues is three floors of dreams. There’s something for everyone.

A library for the bookworm whose world is steeped in Oscar Wilde and Murakami. The smell of old pages, coiled up on a lovely hammock where she is perfectly at peace with herself. Not a soul to bother, except the chirping bird who calls Dialogues it’s home.

Far away from the flamboyance of social media posts, she sits with a hot cuppa masala chai on a perfectly breezy day, laughing on some occasions and smirking on others. Well, because that’s what good books do. They transport you with them to an imaginary land. That nook at Dialogues understands that and fangs her imagination.

And then there is the young entrepreneur who dreams of carving a niche for himself. Often, you will see him blabbering something to himself. Well, yes, he’s mad, just like most entrepreneurs and indulges in what we call ‘self-strategizing meetings.’ At Dialogues, he can proudly execute those.

Not leaving him far behind are a group of friends. Hustle, bustle, banter, chatter. Funny moments, meaningless advice, dating rules, broke travel plans, gadgets, bikes, shopping, and President Trump – their conversations are far and varied.

“This is the perfect hangout place…” somebody firmly declares and others agree just before they enter a fight over that last piece of the sandwich; well because that’s the rule.

And who could forget the little board game aficionado? From Carrom to Jenga, she knows it at her fingertips. And when she defeats her father, she knows those are the very moments she ‘lives’ her best.

‘’Papa, we should come here more often!’’, she proudly declares.

To add onto each one, there’s the young employee who simply wants to sip a healthy juice over a conversation with his colleague or the brooding poet who needs the quiet of nature to pen down his thoughts. The poem completes itself as he feels inspired by the life captured in the countless green pots.

He finds himself in awe because there’s not a place he feels unrestrained, other than this.

I am the breathing evidence for these experiences. I am the writer who was looking for isolation, for some imaginary world to get lost in. But there were too many stories unfolding right in front of me, and I couldn’t have just let them remain untold.

Right from the smile that greeted me to the paintings on the wall to the lack of concrete in the seating area, everything, everyone was so stimulating but at the same time so tranquil. It just seemed like a perfect harmony.

Dialogues is an amalgamation of all these and more. Much like clay, mold it in any form you like and it promises to give you one of the best experiences of your life.

Article by Isha Baid.