The freelance industry is growing day by day. More and more people in big cities are becoming freelancers due to which co-working spaces are in huge demand. It’s very obvious to fall in a dilemma of which place to choose.

Distance matters

Distance between the freelancer’s living space to his/her workspace plays a key role in determining the overall productivity. Nearer the work space, lesser the money that has to be spent on transportation. In cities like Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai, transportation not only costs a good amount of money, but it easily kills time.

More traveling means losing a lot of time. It might end up being a nightmare for a freelancer, due to the fact that deadlines are very important here. Going by bus or auto in Bangalore is a great menace indeed. Choosing a place that is nearby is a great advantage.

Lighter on the pocket

Choosing the place that best suits one’s pockets is also quite difficult, for the reason that cities like Bangalore have high standards of living. Initially, this might take a toll on the freelancer, if the choice of space is not perfect.

If a freelancer were to pay a lot of money for a co-working space to just sit, work and fulfill the requirements of the stomach, he/she would end up saving very little. This can’t be good in the early stages of freelancing.

There are places in cities like Bangalore, Dialogues Cafe being an example where one has to pay a reasonable amount of money to not only enjoy the atmosphere of a co-working space but also to be able to get in touch with potential customers to grow his/her business.

It’s an easy place to sit and brainstorm with fellow co-workers to improve the individual’s quality of thought.

A professional community

For a freelancer, the customer base the individual is able to create earns bread in any difficult market conditions. The major advantage of freelancing is that most of the times, if one has a good reach, one need not worry about anything else except the level of exuberance of skills that he/she displays. But the latter isn’t the greatest concern.

A professional community is a requirement for firstly, to gain more contacts and thus reach more customers and secondly, to be in the presence of people buzzing with ideas who are all there for the same purpose of getting things done. In spaces like Dialogues Cafe, it’s not hard to find people from all walks of life, coming there for purposes starting from enjoyment to entrepreneurship.

It’s an easy place to sit and brainstorm with fellow co-workers to improve the individual’s quality of thought as well as to always be motivated to work by seeing other people do the same thing. With professionals sharing the same space and a stable WiFi connection, the day’s work is ready to be tackled with. It also takes away the laziness the individual can experience while sitting at home.

Collaboration and brainstorming

As a freelancer, one might be aware of all the online forums to pitch one’s forte and yearly conferences of the particular industry where new colleagues can be met. But what about face-to-face connections for the rest of the year? Co-working space is the only refuge to be taken. Such spaces not only host people of one particular field of expertise.

Having people from professional industries who might just be looking to hire someone for their next project is such a great boon for a freelancer. He/She might end up doing the choicest work from the choicest workspace in the town. Whether writing a script for a theatrical play or coding a website, collaboration becomes so much more fun and easier in co-working spaces.

This is the major advantage of such parts of the city.

Hosting and being part of events

Dialogues Cafe, for example hosts so many events of all genres. For a freelancer who is waiting to display his/her skills, there can be no greater an opportunity to sort of show off. If a freelancing singer is offered an open mic, it’s a sure thing that his/her reach will increase.

More people getting to know about one’s skills means more opportunities coming one’s way. Similarly, if a coder hosts an event on coding, it’s very likely that the coder will get in touch with enthusiastic people who might be willing to hire and pay more.

Food is one of the major criteria to look at while choosing a co-working space.

Bon appétit

As mentioned in the beginning, food is one of the major criteria to look at while choosing a co-working space. A place that offers healthy but tasty food, has quite a lot of advantages.

For an individual such as the author, who always likes to have food next to the laptop to munch off while working, co-working spaces offering good food is like a cherry on top of an already delicious ice cream. It also cuts down the transportation cost of moving around the city in search of healthy food that suits the individual’s tongue.

Dialogues Cafe offers excellent food that not only caters to one’s tongue, but also food that is friendly to the pocket. What better can there be a combination, than of food being healthy, ready to relish and inexpensive at the same time?

Why Dialogues Cafe?

Overall it’s no wonder that today’s freelancers are flocking to co-working spaces. With all the above listed benefits, finding the best co-working space is the need of the hour. Bangalore offers so many of such beauties. Some of them being, Dialogues Cafe, WeWork, CommuneCoworks, Bhive etc. 

But to fulfill all the needs of the freelancer, intellectually, professionally and in terms of quality food, Dialogues Cafe stands out as the winner, given the druthers of the author. Dialogues Spaces offer two co-working spaces, one in Koramangala and one in JP Nagar, both being in the busy places of the city. The ambience of the place and the atmosphere created by the people is exquisite. 

It’s one of the best places for a freelancer to enjoy his/her choicest drink and work away all day, to the zenith of excellence.

One of the dialogues of Dumbledore from the famous film-series Harry Potter goes like this,

“It is not our abilities that show what we truly are. It is our choices.”

Let this dialogue motivate the reader to make the right choice and experience Dialogues at least once, to find out the power of a correct choice.