Gone are the days of starting an online venture form your home. Coworking spaces are becoming the next big thing because of how it’s revolutionizing the startup industry of the country. Often, they are the most preferred places where freelancers and remote interns love to carry out their work in the best-suited environment.

Several coworking spaces are opening every month, such that choosing the best is never an easy task. There are different coworking spaces for diverse professionals. But then determining the best which is suitable for your needs is a tough choice.

Hence, there are a number of things to look out for while choosing the best coworking space suited for you.

Where on Earth can I find a space suited for me?

Let’s make this loud and clear: Location matters! It’s one thing that you are bound to keep in mind. Is it central? Is it close to your house? How long is the commute? Subconsciously or consciously these are things you are thinking about.

If the coworking space you choose is in a prestigious community, it can impress potential clients and help in giving your work a considerable boost. At the same time having a coworking space at a walking distance can be a bonus factor. 

Another key factor that needs to be kept in mind is the parking facilities that the coworking space offers. With limited spaces and urbanization, not all coworking spaces would be at a walking distance. You might have to take your cycle, bike, Uber, carpool or choose the coworking space that provides free parking along with a suitable coworking membership.  

Who are the people?

Coworking spaces are often filled with startups or renowned companies. It’s always filled with people, and people from different walks of life. The community you work around helps you make new friends who in turn help in boosting your work and other aspects of your growth. Seeing the hustle and culture of the coworking space should motivate you to commute to the space and do your work and not feel burdened by your work.

It’s often regarded that being surrounding by like-minded people is what gives you the boost in productivity and creativity to influence your work.

Based on your work and the creativity that you sport, questions such as these may arise – where do you see yourself fit in this coworking space? How can I benefit others? Is anyone benefited from my talents and skills?

The Environment!

Distractions are a big no-no in coworking spaces. The surroundings of coworking spaces determine the level of productivity you are ready to achieve every day. Several coworking spaces provide a separate desk where you can have an isolated room all by yourself to carry out your work with some peace of mind.

While not many coworking spaces are big on keeping the area quiet, you will have to figure out your own sweet spot in the coworking space.

If you can work with music plugged into your ears, then working anywhere in the coworking space is possible. Otherwise, you will have to search for a space that suits your demands and provides you the motivation of pushing your productivity to the next level.

What do they offer you?

Your Coworking space is like your second home shared with many others. Keeping this in mind it’s essential to figure out what the infrastructure provides you. Is there a conference room? Free food? Good wifi? Friendly staff?

You must figure out the unique and special features that you get with a coworking space. If there are a bunch of benefits and other goodies that the coworking space provides suitable to your needs, then go for it!

However, just amenities cannot assure great work/life balance. The equation can be solved with harmony when there are recreation spots throughout the coworking spaces. These spaces should also have outlets for blowing out steam and letting you take breaks from time to time.


Let’s come down to the main aspect of choosing any coworking space: BUDGET.

If you want the best, you have to spend accordingly. There are coworking spaces that charge you a premium on the membership service but provide you with amenities and benefits that can easily make up for the expenses. Often, they offer monthly packages and benefits/amenities that increase when you choose to be associated with them for a longer duration.

Memberships often include free Wi-Fi, amenities package, and much more. They could range from a few hundred rupees to several thousand rupees per month. Identify what is your priority and make an informed decision accordingly. If it means letting go of amenities that seem to lure you then be it.

Whether a Co-working space should be like your second home or a place that enables you to deliver your best in terms of work; Co-working spaces can vary in many aspects.

At the end of the day, it is what you make of the space that will dictate your efficiency!