Off-late I am meeting employees of corporates, especially those with large campuses of their own, visit Dialogues Spaces in Bangalore. I’d gotten myself on the quest to find out why!

I met folks from Infosys, Mindtree, Sapient, TCS and many more at our spaces. Honestly, not because they are planning a side gig.

Here are 3 reasons why I found IT company’s employees in coworking spaces?
  1. Sense of belonging to a unique community and a unique space.
    “I feel I belong here, to this Tribe”
  2. Flexibity to work from somewhere close to home and avoid traffic.
    “I like working on my own terms”
  3. Warm workspaces boost productivity and positivity.
    “I am much more productive and/or creative here”

Do co-working spaces really have a positive impact on office workers? I did some online reading and found out that Harvard Business Review seems to think so too, the research says that in such spaces there is always curiosity, creativity and freshness that does what polished tables and glass walls don’t do. And indeed, coworking spaces in Bangalore, including all dialogues spaces do breed positivity.

Here’s my view on the new forming connection between employees and co-working spaces in Bangalore.

The Community Feeling

Employees spend time at home, in cars/busses, and in office. That’s about how one can sum up one’s life in a corporate. New challenges and mental exercises keep them occupied before they discover they have spent years in solving complex problems for their clients. Meanwhile, the hobbies, entertainment and day outings take a back seat.

Coworking spaces, especially coworking cafes, bring in the fresh outlook towards work and network! Employees get to interact with those who they would otherwise never get to meet in an office environment. And at the same time, get to meet those folks who do the same job but has a different perspective to it.

Breaks from work, to network.

Coworking Cafes in Bangalore, and Coworking spaces in Bangalore have become a melting pot of diverse people and ideas, every day!

Working From Home
Working From Somewhere Close to Home

Reason one. Bangalore Traffic.

I met a few employees who don’t want to work from home for a variety of reasons. And going to office 5 days a week is not a trend these days in Bangalore either. Traffic has taken a toll on productivity and all companies are exploring federated offices, spread over the city. Dialogues and other coworking spaces in Bangalore do attract engineers, consultants, managers from IT companies during the weekdays.

Corporate Employees In Coworking Spaces
Corporate Employees In Coworking Spaces
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Most excitingly, the new age managers are encouoraging their teams to work out of a coworking cafes or spaces once in a week. At Dialogues, we often get team leads and project managers request for team passes, with an option to visit at convenience. The new hires expect fun at work, and work at informal places. Reason two, that was!

Productivity and Positivity

Most people work less than 3.5 hours in a 9 hour work day. While this is a happy statistics for some, some want to do more. 🙂

A Workstation at Dialogues Cafe JP Nagar

A corner sofa seat, next to a window, is all one needs to finish all pending tasks and reply to all mails they recieve over the week. Just being alone on that seat for a day, does the job.

Other Interesting Findings

Most of coworking spaces in Bangalore provide workers with hospitality features and essentials which might not be there in their office buildings, such as, asking the kitchen to cook something the way they want!

The idea proved to be so successful for those small businesses which had slow days, moved to this concept.

The facilities, branding, aesthetics, and specific work cultures affect employees. The studies proved beyond a reasonable doubt that when it comes to positive impact, co-working spaces do much better than traditional office spaces. This is mostly so because they offer higher levels of flexibility and opportunities for better networking. This, in turn, builds a better sense of camaraderie between employees leading to more productive teamwork and better relations.

‘That Spot’ is now Ours!

Whenever a co-working space or environment mirrors the brand values and policies of the parent company, employees were found to be more relaxed and productive.

One example, Dialogues library was booked by a project manager of an IT company for a day out and informal meeting. We tried to bring some elements of the organization into the library, such a stationary, a welcome placard with the company prescribed logo, etc.

Employees find comfort and appreciate their bosses for breaking the monotony. Such spaces also help to build a feeling of community within the workers, enabling them to communicate more effectively.