Thanks to advancements in science and technology, customers now have more options than ever before when it comes to shopping and buying what they want. This means that businesses have to try twice as hard to keep their customers happy and satisfied. Studies show that having happy customers invariably results in an increase in sales. That is why showing customer appreciation is so critical nowadays. 

Did you know that procuring a brand-new client is more expensive than retaining a current customer? As per a study conducted by Flowtown, acquiring new customers costs seven times more than sticking with your faithful customer base. Never before in history have customers had so many platforms to purchase from and so many options in terms of variety and quality of products. With so many competitors, how can businesses keep their identity and stand apart from the rest of the crowd? Here’s a quick look at how customer appreciation can help enterprises build a loyal customer base and drive growth.

Ways to Show Customer Appreciation

Here are some sure-fire ways to show your customers that they matter to you. 

  • Freebies

Let’s be honest. Everyone loves getting free goodies from someone. It is this very human tendency that you can utilise to make your customers feel special. This technique can be used by small and medium-sized companies to engage their customers and improve the overall customer experience. Companies can opt to provide a product upgrade, give a discount or send a coupon card to show customers that they are valued. If they want to, companies can also get some mileage out of it by sending over promotional goods and merchandise which serve as reasonable giveaways to faithful customers.

  • Handwritten Notes

While this sounds very old-school, this is a great way to woo your customers if you are a small business, start-up or family enterprise that is just starting out. With all kinds of commerce switching to online platforms, most customers want some human interaction in their shopping to make them feel special and wanted. Nothing says, “We care for you”, the way a handwritten note does. In today’s largely digital world, such a nostalgic element will add a lot of personality to your company and will help in improving your brand image. Send your customers a personalised thank you note, birthday card or holiday card to stay remembered and loved.

  • Offer Perks

This one works exceptionally well if you run a service-based company. When your customer comes in for an appointment or purchase, offer them various additional perks for sticking by your company. These could include free maintenance for a gadget, free breakfast if you are a restaurant or hotel owner or maybe even a club membership for a specified period. Not only do these perks help make your customers happy, but they also ensure that your customers will keep coming back to you.

  • Showcase the Customer

If you have a customer who runs a business of their own, then showcase their talent and make them feel loved. Including their profile on your social media handle or posting a story about them or even mentioning them on your website, takes little effort from your side but results in a lot of happiness, and some much-needed publicity. By showing the world how someone is succeeding by using your product or service, you are creating a brand image for your company that exudes reliability and trustworthiness.

  • Share Knowledge

Communicating is key in today’s world, where every other brand on the street is trying to acquire new customers. Show customers a little love by sharing some useful information with them in the form of a vlog, blog or newsletter. Not only will this serve as a medium for email or digital marketing, but it will also help in getting your customers to talk about your company. Since you make the product or help with the service, you can provide information on those things with absolute certainty. Leverage this position of power and share your knowledge to make customers feel looked after.

Few Examples of Appreciation Strategies by Companies

  1. If you are Gap, Inc credit card holder, Old Navy offers you $5 rewards for every hundred dollars you spend and even gives you an extra 15% off on Tuesdays. These tactics have helped Old Navy increase their sales, as discounts make customers more prone to buy stuff.
  1. Portico, a famous restaurant chain in the US, has a unique Diner’s Club card through which customers can avail a $6 discount on every ninth meal. Not only does this work as a customer appreciation strategy, it also ensures that customers will keep coming back.
  1. Starbucks gives customers a coupon for a food item on their birthday, as a sign of affection, and also as a way to market their new products and drive sales.
  1. Honda launched its #HondaLovesYouBack campaign in 2011 by posting pictures of faithful customers from over the years on their social media profiles. Not only did this help show its customers that the company loved them, but it also helped boost their publicity and social media presence.

Research says that over 68% of customers switch from one brand to another because they feel the brand doesn’t care enough for them. What’s the best way to get over this issue? Employ the methods listed above to ensure that your customers never leave your brand behind. Do you use similar customer appreciation methods to show your customers how much they mean to you? If so do let us know in the comments section below!