The first unofficial International Women’s Day occurred when over 15,000 women asked for better pay, and the right to vote, and marched across New York City demanding the same. The first official IWD was celebrated in Europe, three years later, as over a million women fought for their right to work, hold positions, vote and put a stop to gender-based discrimination. While we have come a long way in the hundred years since then, women still find it challenging to break barriers and get into the field of marketing and business. But, this isn’t to say, we haven’t seen major breakthroughs in the last decade or so, thanks to some incredible women. This time around, we will take a look at a few women who did the impossible, and are now changing the world after turning entrepreneurs.

Not an Easy Road

The road has been tough, and the struggle is quite real for women entrepreneurs all over the world. That is because even among the rich, there exists a glass ceiling that is hard to break. Only 12% of the world’s 

two thousand one hundred fifty-three billionaires are women. Yet, slowly but surely, women are making a name for themselves in fields which were earlier thought to be a man’s domain. Thus, they are slowly but positively changing the world and how it works, making it easier for other women to come forward and make a mark of their own.

How Women Entrepreneurs are Changing the world

Research shows that the least politically stable countries house the most poverty-stricken women. By providing such women with a chance to develop their businesses, significant social, economic and political changes are seen taking place. Enabling women to live their dreams, and empowering them through entrepreneurship has made such a positive impact, that it has taken the form of a movement, called Women United for Change.This global enterprise consists of several successful female entrepreneurs who use their networks and influence to inspire other women to rise above their suffering and dream big.

Women Entrepreneurs who are Changing the World

In 2015, women, all over the US, started over 800 businesses a day, showing just how capable women are at helming companies and corporations. The women from developing nations, who run businesses are helping to change and transform lives on a global scale.

  • For instance, the rates of female entrepreneurship are highest in Sub-Saharan Africa. Meanwhile, in nearby Kenya, only 51% of women even have access to financial help. That is why Allie Amoroso and Patrick Juma founded their company, ROSE, to help Kenya women give flight to their business dreams.
  • Daniela Perdomo, founded goTenna in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy when a third of all telecommunication was destroyed. Seeing the hurricane’s destruction, first hand, Perdomo decided to design a communication device that was, more or less virtually indestructible. goTenna allows firefighters, emergency rescue workers, security forces and other such governmental units to communicate with each other in areas where the network is very poor.
  • Jenna Mons Anderson, who is a mother of two, had so much on her plate that she had little time to deal with her bladder leakage, which is a fairly common problem among women. That is when she decided to create Finess, which is a device that helps prevent this problem. Finess contains an innovative hydrogel that locks the waste in place, thereby allowing women to go about their regular routine without any hassles.
  • Founder of Flo Living, creator of myFlo app, and author of WomanCode, Alisa Vitti built the first menstrual care platform. A women’s health expert with a passion for inspiring women, Vitti has created an interface that acts as a great tool to solve all your period woes.
  • Sarah Kaeck’s love for the environment and want to eliminate plastics to lead a more sustainable life, led to the founding of Bee’s Wrap. This company helps people store edible items in an environmentally-friendly way, doing as little damage to the ecosystem as possible.

If these stories prove anything, it is that the world is helping more women take the lead, and is constantly pushing for women entrepreneurs. Likewise, women are rising to the challengem, and taking control of their lives and their businesses.By removing gender discrimination, and allowing women to work as extensively as men, the world economy could see an addition of over $28 trillion.Let us all hope that one day industries will offer all women equal opportunities regarding work, and we will see representation across all spectrums. Until that day arrives, let us encourage more and more women to take the helm of corporations, and watch as they run the world!

Have you had the privilege of interacting with inspiring women who have changed the way you see things? If so, let us know by posting in the comments below.