Doesn’t it feel good being a remote worker? Not getting up early in the morning, no cubicles, no office wear (you can just work in sweatpants if you want), no prescribed lunch breaks, no over-friendly employees. I’m sure you just love this freedom, but with such freedom come certain challenges. All sugar, no spice; not fun right?

Now, let’s look at certain challenges that all remote workers face at some point or the other and some Knicks and Knacks to overcome them;

First and foremost, managing time can be your worst nightmare!

Working remotely sure does have an advantage of time flexibility like if you are not an early riser, you could sleep in throughout the day and then work the entire night or you could just work between intervals.

However, this has an added disadvantage too. You may lose track of time, leading to missed deadlines, late submissions, reduced efficiency, and concentration. You could get super lazy and procrastinate until the last date of an assignment came around which would put a lot of pressure on you.

  • Make a time-table for yourself. Unlike a school/college time-table, this one would be reflective of you. You can include bathroom breaks, pizza breaks, Netflix breaks, etc. The sole purpose is for you to be able to follow a particular pattern which gives you enough time to chill along with sufficient time to work to not get ‘worked up’.
  • Make a to-do list. This is one of the best ways to manage your time. It will make everything a whole lot easier if you have a particular target set for every day. You could even reward yourself once these are met.

Distractions everywhere

Working outside of your office can cause distractions which are very hard to avoid or prevent. The dishes need to be washed, the bulb needs to be fixed, guests need to be welcomed and the list goes on and on.

Now, these kinds of distractions may not be preventable but you can surely work your way around it because it can cause a decline in productivity and efficiency.

  • Set a particular time which you call your ‘work hours’, say from 9 am-4 pm where you focus solely on your work. This period should be such that everyone knows about it in a way that no one disturbs you.
  • Maintain a different phone for working and switch off your personal phone while working to avoid non-work calls.
  • Enter a new universe for working, perhaps a CoWorking café where you can peacefully work without any disturbances and alongside like-minded people who just want to work like you!

Overworking can be a health hazard

When you work in an office, you have a prescribed time, say 6 pm when you leave your work and go home. This can turn into a disadvantage when you are working remotely because you never know when it’s time to stop.

You may work 15-16 hours in a day just to finish an assignment or meet a certain deadline which can result in a lack of sleep, rest and missed meals. This is physically and mentally unhealthy for working people.

  • Set an end time for your work after which you switch to your personal life.
  • Invest time in a manner that does not pressurize you, prioritize your work, giving yourself enough time to both work and manage other things.
  • Work in a CoWorking café where there is an end-time whenever you work because the café will eventually shut!
  • Give yourself ample time to freshen up your body and mind, for example, you can take a nap in between or watch an episode of Friends, do something which makes you feel relaxed.

Laziness and Procrastination, your biggest enemies

Being lazy while working is the basic remote worker starter pack. Since work hours are flexible and there are no boundaries, sometimes you just want to lay off and watch Netflix with a glass of wine. 

Then comes, procrastination, the slacker which cuts you off productivity and tells you to chill like tomorrow does not exist! 

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

It is very likely to dwell into bad health habits when you are in front of the laptop all day, every day. Not moving and working all the time will make your body weak, inducing diseases, stress and anxiety.

  • Eat healthy food throughout the day to keep your energy up.
  • Join a gym or do yoga to work on your body and relax your mind
  • Spend time off work to chill with your friends and family.

To sum it all up, remote workers have a lot of challenges to put up with but all of them can be dealt with patience and calmness.