Always looking for a peaceful yet vibrant place to work in the city? Do you travel way too much in search of good meeting place with clients? Or looking for a place to just sit and code? And what’s the fuss about growing coworking cafes in the city?

With an increasing number of remote workers, one of the most important factors to consider is an appropriate place to work. Finding a pace that allows you to get work done with efficiency, is comfortable on your bum and pocket, and is really close to your office or home is a challenge! We really mean it, gone through that myself.

The foremost choices of a remote worker to work and most likely the only ones for them are either home offices or cafes like Starbucks or Café Coffee Day.

So what’s wrong with home-office? Freelancers Work From Home all the time!

Well, yeah! And you believe that!

Remote workers generally tend to say that they work from home. However, in reality, most of them don’t. Especially the successful ones are always on the look-out for inspiring places to work from.

And those who work from home, generally do so because obviously, they don’t want to spend; which is legit.

However, home offices too require considerable investment on a comfortable desk, chair, stationary, etc. Do I mention, if you have a bed right next to you, a half an hour chill break might turn into good nap time before you know. Plus, your home is the kingdom that pushes you to procrastinate. No matter how much you tell yourself that you have strong will power (believe me, I say that to myself all the time too), you will dwell into the comforts of your home in one way or another, it is inevitable! Besides all this, it is difficult to obey your own disciplined schedule that you promise to yourself every night.

And Why Coffee Shops Are Overrated?

A Starbucks near you or a CCD is always buzzing with people and thus it might be difficult to get a table during the week. The thing that stings the most, however, is the money you have to spend on food and beverages there, as you need to buy something to sit at a table which makes it expensive. You really don’t want the waitress asking you to leave the table for other waiting customers, right when you found your groove!

And believe me, you don’t want to serve all that carbs & sugary food to your stomach when what you are looking for is a workplace.

What’s The New Coworking Cafe Concept

The Cafes in your neighborhood mostly make money selling coffee, food and good time. However, the best times to entertain Cafe-kind-of-customers are evenings and weekends. To utilize the weekday free time or shall I say, the no-traffic time, most cafes are transforming themselves into CoWorking Cafes during the weekdays. Consider Bangalore, there are many cafes in areas such as Indiranagar, Koramangla, BTM, JP Nagar, Jaya Nagar – who have chosen to work with community of cafes who have upgraded themselves to co-working spaces in Bangalore by installing what freelancers & startups need, such as plug points, extension cords, wifi, conference rooms, low-cost healthy food, meeting spaces, etc.

Check-out some cool coworking cafes in Bangalore. There might be one in your neighborhood.

Coworking cafes are a new age boon to the working industry, naturally suited for remote workers with all necessary amenities like printers, stationary, etc. It gives you a quiet place to work where you can peacefully meet your targets or hold noise-free conference calls as and when required. The most beneficial part about such cafés is that it’s neither like a traditional café nor like a standard coworking space. It is an unconventional working space with like-minded people who have only one goal, that is to work. You might be a remote worker, but it makes a difference when you are ‘working alone together’. It gives you a sense of belonging.

Coworking cafes are indeed a great place to work; from maintaining a work ethic and discipline, interacting with people from the same industry and making contacts to participating in the events and seminars happening. It is great to gain an overall experience which will make you feel like you are a part of something bigger. Food and beverages are on the house and you can eat to your heart’s content. The membership is not expensive at these cafes. Rather than an expense, it is an investment, which does not expect you to buy something to sit there and does not breed laziness. It is a win-win situation, where you get the perfect place to work and can exchange vibes with similar people.