Second Office, Second home

Imagine you have taken an off, you’re chilling at your place with a couple of beers, comfortably in your sweatpants, you don’t feel like cooking so you order pizza. You are watching Netflix, you get a call from your office that you have to get an assignment done by End of Day. So you get out of your ’Sunday mood’ and sigh, as you have to put the silly old formals back on, that too with a tie and go back to the yellow walls of your cubicle-covered office. It sounds boring, doesn’t it? 

Now, what if you didn’t have to go to the office at all and could get all the work done exactly in the oh-so-Sunday-mood that you were in?


By the likes of it, you would imagine a second office to be just like your first one; monotonous with the same schedule every day, the same cubicle and the same people. There is no freshness, right? It might even make you feel stagnant or less productive for some time (it most likely will), now what can you do? The first few ideas which pop up are to take a day’s break (maybe a week), chill with your friends in the evening or to get a sound sleep in the night to overcome it right?

Now, these are just ways of avoiding the fact that you need a change. So, why not make a place your second office, an informal one, a bit personal and very comfortable. You need to get out of your cubicle and experience newness, something fresh and different.

What are my options?

You’re likely to think that your home can be your second office, it’s not a bad idea, but perhaps a very bad idea! Yes, you do need a place that is personal, comfortable, allows freedom, etc. But your home offers you all the above in excess which is extremely unhealthy for your work. 

Working in a Barista sure does have some pros, but what about the cons? You have to pay a heavy bill for food and beverages just to keep working on that one particular table where the waiter keeps giving you a taunting look, the group of friends laugh so hard you judge them already for disturbing you and the couple in the corner indulges in so much PDA, it makes you uncomfortable.


This is exactly where a CoWorking Café steps in. It has everything your home has in a healthy amount, everything that a regular Barista does not have and just the freshness you need for it to be called your ‘Second office’.

A CoWorking Café enables the democratization of the standard office system to present a more comfortable and personal place for people to work outside their offices. It has just the right amount of comfort for you to not be lazy and the work ethic required for you to be disciplined and productive giving you ample amount of time to do your work in an economical place.

Dialogues Space, for instance, is a CoWorking space with many outlets across the city of Bangalore. You can go there once a week, a month or every day (that is if you convince your boss to let you be a remote worker for some time).

This is your Second Office! No cubicles, no specified lunchtimes, new faces every day. Eat new dishes off the menu daily without paying a single penny; pay for the service and the place, not for the food.

Sit wherever you want to for as much time as you want, interact with people from the industry and make contacts, participate in community events to take a break. 

Now, you think that this is better than your regular office, don’t you? No kidding, you can make it your only one if you want. The freedom is yours; the choice is yours!