In today’s fast-moving day and age, work comes first, whether you like it or not! Naturally, your workplace is where you spend most of your time.

Now, let me ask you, are you happy about going to the same workspace every single day? If yes, then good for you.

However, for most of us, we find ourselves amidst the same four walls and staring into nothingness for hours together. Why not use some creativity and amp up the decor of your space, so you feel a little better about coming to work?

Firstly, start your day with your favorite playlist!

Research suggests that listening to your favorite music will make you more motivated and lets you think out of the box! Moreover, good music has never hurt anybody.

Some music to get you going!

Add something to make your workspace YOURS!

Get something that brightens up your workspace, literally. It can be a framed photo of your friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, family, pet an indoor plant or any piece of decoration that makes you feel comfortable.

Perhaps a quote, a goal, something for motivation can be set as your wallpaper or something to put up in your space.

Change your appearance. Change is good.

Treat yourself with great outfits, this will make you happier, more confident and motivated. Hey, this is not just for the women! Men out there, groom yourself, and spice up your wardrobe, and feel the change.

Wear, Feel and Be Confident.

Stand up more often.

Yes, you heard that right, and no we are not playing around with you. If you feel sleepy very often? Stand up!

Sitting for hours together can prove to be fatal to your health in the long run. Standing up more often will help you to diminish health risks like shoulder and back pain. Besides, standing up is also ‘apparently’ good to reduce weight.

Engage in healthy competition!

Friendly competition with your co-workers and colleagues will make your work more enjoyable. It’s a good way to keep yourself distracted from the monotony of work, and also helps in engaging with colleagues around you.

Hangout with your co-workers

Hanging out will help in building friendships that make your work life more fun and more comfortable. You are all in the grind together! So grab the next opportunity.

Focus on one thing at a time

One research says that, multitasking Lowers IQ and reduces performance. So it’s always better to complete one task with excellent results rather completing many with medium results.

Put all your attention on one thing, that way it gets your undivided attention and you can give it your best.

Lastly, don’t forget to Reward yourself !

Give yourself a small snack, a pat on the back, that extra beer, or that long procrastinated holiday. Don’t hesitate. You have earned it!

When you know you have achieved your deadline, your goals and are happy with the results, make sure you appreciate your own efforts, in whatever manner possible! Be proud.