Working from home is a very recent phenomenon that has gained popularity over the decade. It is a way out for those who are bored with mundane and “regular” routines. It is also a bane for the lazy, forever procrastinators. Which side are you on?

Let’s try and break this down.

You can have control over your schedules; being in charge of your day is the biggest benefit of working from home. You can schedule your work time and can take a power nap in the middle of the day. You have to make sure that you have the right entrepreneurial traits and a good daily organizational plan to handle this new responsibility.
When you start to work from home consider these reasons why should you work from home.

Focus and Priorities

You can have more time for your personal pursuits if you work from home. If you feel that your job is taking more time, having a home business could be a solution and you can spend more time with your family and kids. Having a flexible schedule can have time to pursue your own personal interests.

When you work from home, you’re supposedly free of distractions like chattering co-workers and people who demand your attention. But as many remote workers have found, there are still plenty of distractions waiting for you at home. You need to focus and schedule time to work.

Manage Time

Managing two kids and working from home is a big task until you plan it so well. You have to manage your time to put them early to bed and start to work in late night or you must have someone there to care for your children.

It is important to be a multitasker and prioritise your tasks for the day. Juggling between family and work can be a challenge, but once you find a few hacks around this, you will be able to manage well.

Financial Implications

Working outside home not only takes a lot of time travelling but also makes a hole in your pocket, while incurring the travel expenses. Cutting down on this will save a lot.

As a home business owner, you can set your own income goals as well as your own product or service prices. In work from home you can have control on your work attire. You need not worry about wearing formals. Home business can allow you to earn what you are worth. You can do the work the way you feel the best as you are the boss.

Work at your fingertips

One advantage proponents for at-home work cite is how connected we are today. We’ve got Skype, Google Hangouts, and plenty of instant messaging programs to keep us talking to one another.

With Email and all Softwares going mobile-friendly, everybody is working on the go. During travel, in between house chores or leisurely.

However, achieving work/life balance does take some planning and time management. One of the best aspects of starting a home business is being able to turn your hobby into income.

In work from home, even if your day-to-day tasks are similar there are many opportunities to mix things up more. You can work from different locations and can change your schedule and order of tasks every now and then.

This way work from home can really be a boon for today’s generation. Is it a boon or bane for you? Let us know in the comments below.