Drafting the right email helps you capture the attention of a potential client and can also enable you to better your conversion rates. But creating the perfect email that entices your target audience takes a lot of time and effort. As your business grows, with it grows the number of emails you will have to draft. It will soon reach a stage where the volume of emails you require far outweigh the time you have at hand to do so. So what do you do when you reach such a crossroad?


Why is Email Marketing Automation Necessary?

Having to draft good emails while also managing the other things associated with running a business is not an easy task and is in most cases time-consuming and frustrating. Email marketing automation helps you handle one half of this ordeal by helping you manage and run your email marketing campaigns. Manually maintaining and running email campaigns is not efficient when you look at the big picture and this is why, after a while, most companies which can afford to do so, switch to automation software. Here’s a look at what email marketing automation consists of, and how it can help you grow your business.

What is Email Marketing Automation?

Email marketing automation is an intelligent campaign system which is triggered by a specific action or a particular duration of time. For instance, the system might send a Welcome email as soon as a new subscriber joins your website’s mailing list. Imagine having to draft such a welcome email every time someone signs up for your newsletters! Not only would this tire you out, and eat your time, it would also take time away from more critical tasks. Hence, it makes so much more sense to use automation to create such emails that need to be sent in bulk. They have proven to be extremely useful to marketers all over the globe. This is why over 51% of companies now employ email marketing automation techniques to handle their web-based marketing campaigns. 

Marketing automation also helps you personalize your emails, draft content based on analysed user behaviour and even change your campaign as per user demographics. Such intelligent decision making allows such systems to raise overall sales productivity by 14.5% and reduce marketing overheads by 12.2%. Also, marketing automation software results in a 77% increase in conversion rates, helping you grow your business efficiently. So how exactly does this work, and what all does it offer?

Why automate emails?

In this section, let us take a look at the five most basic types of automated emails and how email marketing automation helps make them more efficient.


1. Welcome Aboard

Welcome emails are relevant because they are the first interaction you have with a potential client. They are sent as soon as a client signs up on your website, or agrees to subscribe to your newsletter. These emails help in increasing your brand visibility and customer engagement, and must, therefore, be worded carefully. Automating this step will help you reach out to your potential clientele a lot faster than what would be possible if you were to manually sent those emails. This not only enables you to save time but also helps in keeping your customers engaged and satisfied. Welcome emails also have a staggering 50% opening rates, making them an integral part of your marketing campaign. 

2. Onboard and Ready to Go emails

Getting a customer to buy is just one step. After they are done doing so, you need to nurture that lead so that they turn into repeat customers. This is precisely what onboarding emails help you achieve. These emails encourage customers to continue buying products or services from you. These include order confirmation and shipping emails which help you build customer trust and satisfaction. Onboarding emails help raise your brand’s visibility, strengthen your customer relations and also gets you loyal followers for your brand.

3. Lead nurturing emails

Every lead you acquire is a valuable asset to your company, and hence, you must do everything to keep them happy. Automated email marketing helps you guide and shape the marketing funnel as per your company’s needs. Drip emails leave customers hooked and wanting for more and such campaigns can be easily managed using automation software. 


4. We Miss You emails

It is always easier to keep customers happy when compared to getting new customers. This is why customer retention is such an integral part of any company’s growth. These are particularly useful if you’re running an ecommerce business. These set of automated emails help to remind customers that they’ve left something in their cart. This encourages them to go back and complete the sale, especially if you can give them a gentle nudge by reminding them of an offer or letting them know their product is about to go out of stock

5. Discounts, birthday, and Feedback emails

All these emails help you nurture leads, keep customers engaged and build brand visibility. It isn’t very easy to resist discounts, which is why these emails work so well to drive traffic onto your website. Birthday emails and other such customer appreciation emails help you build trust and recognition, as it gives the customer the feeling that you care for them. This, in turn, encourages them to purchase more from you. Feedback emails help you understand where you are going wrong and are hence, extremely important. 

If you haven’t tried email marketing automation before, give some of these strategies a go, and let us know if it works out for you.  Not only do they help you send better emails, but they also boost revenue and customer engagement rates.

The most significant benefit that automation provides is that it saves time, increases customer engagement and induces better communication with your potential customers. Marketing automation is an excellent way for you to stay connected to your target audience, even when you’re not in the office physically. Do you have any other tips on how to boost sales? Let us know your marketing automation story by posting in the comments section below.