All businesses know that the planet communicates via social media, and hence, they need to leverage it to their advantage. Out of the 7.2 billion people who inhabit the Earth, over 2 billion have their own social media account. This proves, without a doubt, that businesses need to adapt to the new order of the world to maintain and improve their brand value. Entrepreneurs can no longer ignore these staggering figures as they try to build a new business. Here’s a look at how new companies can leverage and utilise social media to build their brand.

Different Strokes for Different Media

While social media has taken over the world, it is important to note that different platforms work differently. The same content need not necessarily work on all platforms, and hence entrepreneurs need to curate content carefully. For instance, YouTube seems to go crazy over cat videos, while Facebook leads when it comes to memes and comebacks. To gain attention on Twitter, you need to handle sarcasm well, and Yelp is all about food reviews these days. 

Brands, therefore, have to choose the right space to invest in and customise the content as per specific trends to maximise reach and promotion. Everything from the tone of the post, to the image resolution to be used needs to be decided carefully after weighing and analysing such trends.

Always Choose Quality over Quantity

This is a thumb-rule that seems to work for most things in the content-sphere. Posting every day will not help your cause if the posts themselves are not curated carefully. Similarly, having millions of followers will do your business no good, unless those followers convert into customers. Over 96% of the people that talk about brands while online, do not follow the brand’s page. Therefore, rather than focusing on vague strategies that try to impress everyone, companies need to focus on target groups who are interested in their services and products. 

Focus on Content

Most companies feel they have great content online, but only 8% of their customers agree. Therefore, it is vital that you provide the right kind of content to drive sales. Most marketers agree on the fact that visuals do better when it comes to engaging customers, so make sure your posts have great images. Include infographics which have proven and tested statistics, because this helps customers believe your claims, and makes your posts more trustworthy and reliable. Focus on creating everlasting relationships with your customer-base. Hence, try to do more than just pushing out information related to products and services.

Ask Questions

Make sure the content is engaging, and try to build a rapport with the audience. Not only will this help better your conversion rates, but it will also help you gain insight on customer expectations. Surveys and feedbacks are great ways to understand what your customers want and how they feel about your company. People like expressing their opinions. Use this to your advantage by asking questions and asking people to leave their responses. Make your comments section as colourful as your page!

Know Your Demographic

Not all age-groups use all social media platforms, and usually, there tends to be clutter in specific spaces. For instance, 80% of the people on Instagram are less than 35 years old. Hence, IG is an excellent platform to market tools for teenagers. Similarly, Facebook and LinkedIn have a more mature audience and is thus a great place to talk about more serious services and products. Do a comprehensive study on market demographics before deciding on a marketing strategy to maximise results.

Respond and React

Communication, whether it is face-to-face or on social media, is a two-way street. You need to respond to your clients as soon as they start a conversation. Most marketing campaigns become successful because they have rapid response rates. Even if the response is negative, your company needs to tackle it, instead of just hiding the comment or pretending it does not exist. Be courteous, enquire about the issue and do your best to resolve the problem. Not only will this help people feel they can reach out to you, but it also helps in building a stronger bond with your customer base. 

Patience is Key

While social media is a fast-paced world, it does take time for the results to be noticeable. Be patient and keep improving your strategy, and over time you will start seeing the results. There is so much competition out there that it isn’t always easy to be heard. Try to be as unique as possible so that you stand out. Change doesn’t happen overnight; neither does success. Rest assured that the right strategy and the right content will get your company the right results when the time comes.

Social media began as an experiment but has now become a cultural phenomenon. It is a crucial communication tool that if leveraged effectively, can help brands bridge gaps, and connect to audiences far and wide. The guidelines given above can help new businesses build a great brand and utilise social media to further their company’s visibility.

So, if your company doesn’t have a social media page yet, start cracking! Most of your competition must already be utilising social media to boost their sales, so don’t get left behind. The earlier you start posting great content, the sooner you will start reaping the benefits in the form of more sales!