One of the worst feelings in the world is to sit idle at office and watch as the clock slowly ticks away the seconds. Boredom can hit anyone at any time, and the problem is that there’s no sure-shot remedy for it.  But what if you can combat boredom productively? Not only would this help you get more work done, but it will also save you a lot of time, and earn you the goodwill of your employees. So how exactly do you kill boredom and stay productive?

Boredom at workplace

Why Does Boredom Hit You?

Boredom is not something that arises due to not having anything to do. As per a study by the British Psychological Society, boredom arises from a situation wherein the tasks at hand, does not appeal to an individual. Hence, though you have a tonne of things to get done, you might feel bored because you don’t like what you are doing.

It is human nature for your mind to prioritise things that benefit you, rather than the organisation you represent. That is why your mind wanders to computer Solitaire when it should be crunching numbers of finishing off that drafting assignment. Your job starts feeling like a burden when your priorities and your company’s goals begin to misalign. While there’s little you can do about that, there are things you can do to make sure your mind doesn’t wander too far.

Enthusiasm to Monotony

When you first landed the job, you must have been a passionate recruit, excited to get started. But as time moves on, you end up doing the same work day in and day out, and slowly the passion gives way to monotony. Sometimes even your second cup of coffee for the morning fails to provide you with enough motivation to get through the day. So then what do you do?

Game Away to Beat Boredom

We all love games because they are exciting and fun. They are also engaging and help us stay creative. If you think of the task handed to you, as a level in a game, things become easier to tolerate. Break down the project or tasks into smaller, more concise portions. This is like breaking down the game into different levels. Each level varies with respect to the skills required and level of difficulty. Next, set a timer, and try to finish each task before the time runs out. 

Keep a Log Book

Keep an account of everything, even distraction! It might sound insane, but keeping a record of every activity you do can motivate you to work harder and faster. You can also try out the Perfect 15 Minute Day Method; wherein each task is split into a portion which should ideally take up 15 minutes. A simple journal system must be maintained, and each task you do or complete must be fed into this system. Once you see how far you have come with respect to your tasks for the day, you will be able to concentrate better and also manage your time better. This technique will help you keep boredom at bay and become more productive.

Clean up

I know a lot of you might not like this. However, the most significant reason for getting bored at your workplace can come from having too many distractions right on your workstation. To tackle this issue, all you have to do is clean up your space and remove all the unnecessary items. Decluttering your mind starts with clearing your desk. Make sure you keep your work environment clean and filled with important things that motivate you to work harder.

Take a Break

This might seem counter-productive, but in the long run, taking small breaks help you to be more efficient. Every time you start a new task, make sure your mind is cleared and refreshed by taking a short breather. This will help keep boredom away and will also work as a concentration boost. When your mind is still thinking of the last task it did, you will not be able to focus on the work at hand. Studies show that taking a small 5-minute break helps you shift your focus and in the process, refreshes and resets your brain. Tackle each problem with a fresh consciousness to improve productivity and prevent boredom.

Always Recap

Once you are done with a day, make sure you go back to your logbook and cross off all the things you were able to accomplish. Not only does this work as a great pick-me-up, but it also gives you an idea about the tasks for the next day. Staying organised is the first step to becoming more productive. Keeping your record book updated will help you reassign tasks and complete them at a faster pace. 

Other methods you can try if your company allows it, is to take a five-minute break and doodle or listen to some music. Recent studies show that people who doodle or sketch remember more important things than people who don’t.

You can also spend some time learning a new skill, attending a webinar, socialising or enhancing your professional network when you feel like boredom is winning the war. While everyone tends to get bored at work, substitute some of your mundane tasks with creative and productive alternatives to make things interesting.

Reframe your mindset and perspective and try to fight through the monotony. Instead of saying“I need a break,” try saying, “I’ll get this done anyhow.”. Even this small change of mind can go a long way in helping you stay productive. Here’s wishing all of you a great day at the office!

Let us know in the comments below if you have any quirky and fun ways to beat boredom, which can help your fellow office-goers.