The remote employee revolution has fundamentally altered the modern workplace with the use of computer and Wi-Fi. 70% of the employees work outside their employer’s primary office. Working with a remote team can be both exciting and challenging. To still ensure substantial work is being done can sometimes get difficult.

However, if implemented rightly, a remote worker can be as efficient if not more, than an in house team. Here’s how:


Keep them engaged, and show them their work and time matters. Invite remote employees to video conferences involving their work. This makes them valued despite not being in the office space and equal to other employees at the office.  This makes the employees feel connected and a sense of belongingness. Feel free to check on them once in a while, even if it’s a simple “Hope all’s well,” or cliched motivational messages.


Remote team issues are most apparent when trying to schedule meetings. Try to make your scheduling decisions as fair as possible to all- may be morning or evening meeting. Rotate the meeting times semi-monthly. Make sure to consult everyone, and choose the best possible time. If finding employees from the same time zone is not exactly feasible for your business, try to ensure that you and your co-worker have at least a few working hours where you are both available. If you are managing multiple teams, do your best to accommodate even the smallest team to keep their morale.


You might have messaged your employee for giving feedback, and they take the feedback seriously and start to worry because it has been several weeks so they don’t know whether changes made are up to your expectation. To prevent this from happening make sure that you contact them regularly and keep them informed about their work and ask if they have any questions.

Keep them updated of any changes, or upgradations that have happened, even if it doesn’t directly affect them.


There are many apps available so that employees can chat with each other. This is the space where remote and in-house employees can be in touch with each other. This makes communication convenient and turns around time quickly so that everyone can get their work done easily.   

With Apps like WhatsApp, GoTo Meeting, Skype, that should not be an issue.


Keep them appreciated that they are productive and responsive to feedback and changes.  The satisfaction of your employees is directly related to their productivity and as a result, to the success of your business. If someone does great work or there’s a combined team result achieved, push the team further. Make sure you appreciate the efforts. This will also increase boost overall productivity. 

By 2020, it is estimated that over half of the employees will work remotely, understanding the challenges of remote work and addressing them is as important as ever.